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July 2007 Version

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The Computerized Master Name Index (CNMI) is the latest in a series of projects of the P.E.I. Genealogical Society that date back to its beginnings in the 1970s. One of the first projects of the Society was the creation of the Master Name Index (MNI) which was/is a very large card catalogue. This was followed a number of years later by the MNI phase II. Both these indices are now housed in the P.E.I. Public Archives and Record Office in Charlottetown and form a very important finding aid used by most visitors to the Archives. This new index follows on with the same tradition.

Contents of entries in the index

The CMNI is a finding aide. It does not contain all the information in the source document but only a subset which will hopefully help the user identify an individual of interest. The information included in the index is listed below;

Surname - The surname of the person (if the maiden name of a married woman is know she will be listed under both her married and maiden name). Note: Mac surnames are listed under Mc but always check both spellings - use of a given name in addition to surname will speed up searches with common surnames.

Given names - If more than one given name is known, all are included in the entry - When searching, use of a given name in addition to surname will speed up searches with common surnames.

Title - Some sources do not provide given names (i.e Dr. Webster), this field includes titles if known

Year - This is the year of the source document, in the case of a census it is the year of that census or the year of death in a cemetery transcript. Most sources have a year but some do not, such as some articles in the PEIGS newsletters.

Age - The age of the person if known at the time of the source, i.e. he was 18 in the 1881 census, or age 65 at the time of death in a cemetery transcript.

Religion - Some sources have the individual's religion, in some it has been inferred. For example, religion given in the census are as recorded by the enumerator; in newsletter articles and cemetery transcripts, religion is based on the location of the records (it is possible that some one married in St. Paul's Anglican church is not an Anglican but would be recorded as such in this index as that was the church in which they were married based on a newsletter article).

Location - This is the physical location, i.e. if Alexander Johnstone was in Lot 12 in the 1891 census that is the location used.

Source - This is the source document from which the information in the index entry has come and where more information on the individual can be found

Sources included in the CMNI

Note new sources will be added as they become available

Source # of records in the Computerised Master Name Index

1798 census of P.E.I. ; 748 entries

1881 census of P.E.I. ; 109,000 entries

1891 census of P.E.I. ; 105,821 entries

1901 census of P.E.I.; 104,392 entries

Index to the 1870 Commissioners of Public Lands; 4,138 entries

PEIGS newsletters # 1 to 100; 53,174 entries

Cemetery transcripts, 87 cemeteries; 65,541 entries

P.E.I. Past and Present; 9,502 entries

From Scotland to Prince Edward Island; 2,675 entries

From England to Prince Edward Island; 1,392 entries

From Ireland to Prince Edward Island ;1,215 entries

P.E.I. Inquests 1; 1,127 entries

Patriot Fund 1855; 3,026 entries

Rustico List of Petitioners, 1804; 92 entries

Royal Agriculture Society, 1846; 130 entries

The Chappell Daybook, 1775 - 1788, Volume 1; 174 entries

The Chappell Daybook, 1797 - 1818, Volume 2 ; 765 entries

Government Grants; 2,448 entries

Deaths of Islanders in Massachusetts 1889-1900; 20,778 entries

Montague Funeral Home Records; 7,848 entries

People noted in deaths, funerals and obituaries in P.E.I. newspapers 1982-1985, 1987-1999 106,569 entries

Death notices from the Guardian 1920-1939 by Jean McLean; 13,420

41 more cemeteries; 19,873Total names in index as of July 30th 2007: 623,627

Coming soon

PEIGS Newsletter # 100 +

More cemetery transcripts

More newspaper deaths


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